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The Ogier

I stole the following from the Moment in Tyme MUD so you may not understand some of this but the major stuff to think of is their attitudes and skills. PS if anyone who wrote this and want credit for it,  mail me.

Ogier are a nonhuman race. They are very tall (adult males average 7.5 feet, slightly more for females), have long tufted ears and broad noses. Ogier live in steddings, which are areas where the Ogier are safe from the summoning power of the Cup of Life. Usually, they do not leave steddings willingly, if they leave for too long they sicken and die. Ogier are slow and pacific people and do not anger easily. Humans they consider hasty. Of course, Ogier do live at least three or four thousand years longer than humans. Humans they consider hasty. An Ogier of seventy is young. Ogier love knowledge and do not pass up any opportunity to study. Their books contain information and stories lost to humans. Often they use ancient names of places in their speech, also forgotten to humans. The Ogier have interesting marriage customs. All marriages are arranged by the mothers of the parties. The man has no say in his marriage, and the woman very little. Often they do not even know each other before marriage.

Ogiers are great stonemasons. Most of the great cities of the world are Ogier-built. The Ogier also built the Waygates, and are now the only ones who can act as guides in the Ways. Most humans have never seen an Ogier, for they rarely leave the steddings. Many think Ogier are legends. It is said, though, that Ogier hate trollocs, and assisted humans in Trolloc Wars. Some Ogier have a special talent called treesinging. Indeed, the Aiel call them Treebrothers. Ogier love nature and trees.

                              Ogier ranks

1. Ancient One
2. Eldest of the Elders
3. Elder
4. Speaker
5. Treesinger
6. Teacher
7. Stonemason
8. Ogier
9. Youngster


1. Shangtai
2. Tsofu
3. Cantoine
4. Tremalking

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